The Sea to Summit Comfort Plus is a four-season R value-5 sleeping pad, which allows you to use it year round in a vast array of temperature ranges. Furthermore, the sleeping pad is 2.5 inches thick which keeps you off the cold ground. I used this air mattress from temperatures ranging from -5° Celsius to 12° Celsius and have slept comfortably every night. I was never too hot or too cold any of the nights I have used this sleeping pad. This makes the sleeping pad extremely versatile!

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Our review of this product
The pros are:

  • Packs down small (9in by 5in)
  • Performance, durability and warmth
  • Comfort
The cons are:

  • Weight
  • Price

The sea to summit comfort plus sleeping pad is made from quality fabric that is very abrasive and very durable. I used it on the ground, on stones and tree roots and it never punctured. However, if it does end up puncturing during your trip, it comes with a repair kit! Additionally, this sleeping pad has a 2 layer construction, which means if the bottom of the sleeping pad punctures the top layer would still be able to function until a repair is made.

Size and Measurements

The air pad packs down to be a little larger than a wide mouth water bottle. The measurement of this pad packs down to 9 inches by 5 inches which is more than acceptable to bring on a backpacking trip. However, the weight of the sleeping pad is 32 oz. which is quite heavy for a backpacking trip. Despite the weight of the pad, I would still use this pad on my backpacking trips because it does not take up much space in the pack and the comfort more than makes up for the fact that it is heavy.

Ease of Use

The sleeping pad comes with a stuff sack that doubles as a pump sack. It is extremely handy because it is lightweight, takes up no space, is easy to use and takes no time at all to fill up the mattress. Using your mouth would take much longer to inflate and also blowing warm moist air into the air pad could create mold build up and damage the inside of the pad. Lastly, the multi-function valve creates fast and easy inflation and deflation. Takes no time at all to deflate the sleeping pad!


I have used many backpacking sleeping pads and mattresses over the years and I can say with confidence this was most comfortable sleeping pad I have ever slept on. The two-layer construction allowed me to fine-tune the amount of air in the bottom and the top of the air pad for my sleeping needs. Additionally, the mattress did not move under me when I was sleeping and the air sprung technology feels like your sleeping on a real mattress. I slept extremely well due to the comfort level of this sleeping pad.

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