Travelling for work is always tough; said no one ever who went ski touring in Iceland to test out Smartwool’s 2018 winter collection.
I haven’t stopped thinking about this magnificent country since returning. So please, join me on this adventure through my photo journal of the images I took while having the time of my life.
To get you as enthused about Smartwool‘s Fall-Winter collection of merino wool baselayers, ski socks, and insulated apparel, you can have a sneak peek of the trip, the goods, and our experiences. There will be more to come this coming fall when I’ll review certain products I had the privilege of testing.
On our first day, we discovered the versatility of Smartwool’s Ultra Light Sport Jacket on the slopes of a small closed ski hill outside of Reykjavik. Not much snow, but plenty of smiles.
We left trendy Reykjavik and headed to Akureyri, Iceland’s second largest ‘city’. This country has had some bad P.R. and should be renamed Greenmountainland.
No ski trip is complete without a classic industrial garage photo. Let me dream, okay.
Arriving at home base for the next 4-days gave our group goosebumps. Good thing Smartwool provided us with Smartloft jackets to keep us cozy because these valleys got chilly. One word describes this photo: hygge.
The great thing about being well dressed is no matter the temperature, you’re always comfortable, even when you’re ascending over 1,000 meters to get to the good stuff.
Being alone with your thoughts in Iceland isn’t a bad thing. You mostly think about quitting work and moving to Iceland. Don’t tell my wife.
Skier, check. Loads of snow, check. Jaw dropping backdrop, check. All that is missing is a whale breaching in the background and some Vikings in a sauna to make this the most Icelandic picture ever.
The summit of a peak after hours of climbing is one of the most satisfying places to be. We inhaled some sandwiches, took off our skins, and soon began our long descent back to the valley floor. The jacket (you can’t see) is part of the Smartloft collection and was ideal for all day use in those conditions. The chest and stomach are insulated, while the back and arms are a stretchy fabric. It was thermal regulation at its best.
Don’t be fooled into thinking there needs to be snow on a ski trip. Here is a shot of us wading through the tussocks in search of a new line.
Another photo for my symmetry scrapbook. The town of Siglufjördur is by far the highlight of our ski trip. It wasn’t because of its beautiful harbor, or its proximity to world-class skiing, but because of its delicious bakery.