Smartwool is the first name you think of when you hear merino wool. For decades they’ve been making their socks and apparel using the softest and most versatile natural fabric available. No fabric available has the next-to-skin softness of merino wool, and very few can match it for performance.

This natural fibre is renewable and capable of adapting to your needs. The moisture-wicking fabric transports sweat away from the body to the surface dries quickly. Merino benefits from layering, so a base and mid-layer will work well together to keep your body temperature regulated. It also works well to keep you odour-free during the most rigorous workouts.


Judith Kasiama recently tested out Smartwool’s Intraknit collection and discovered how it combines all the benefits of merino with new technologies to create their highest-performing apparel to date. Besides possessing all the properties of merino, the collection is 3D-knit for exceptional fit with gender-specific ventilation and insulation.

This new design provides added circulation in areas that need it most while providing a full range of motion. It provides plenty of warmth without adding bulk, and plenty of breathability.

Merino 200

Merino 200 is the lightweight version of the 250 and a go-to for those seeking versatility. Since it’s not as heavy, it can be worn on its own or as part of a layering system. Products in this range are made from a combination of merino and polyester for performance with added durability.


Men's Intraknit Collection

Women's Intraknit Collection

Performance Meets Sustainability

Merino is one of the best performing fabrics on the market, and what makes it all the more appealing is the fact that it’s a sustainably-sourced natural fibre. If you want something soft, breathable, temperature regulating, moisture-wicking and odour-resistant, look no further than merino wool. If you want all that wrapped into high-performance apparel, try the Smartwool Intraknit Collection.