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Choosing The Right Biking Helmet

A wrong move cycling a bit too fast, and bang! Your bike helmet can crack into three parts – but the key is ensuring what’s underneath the helmet is safe. You’ve probably been told a million times to wear a helmet when you ride your bike, so here are some tips on how to choose … Read more ›

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Cycling Helmets: Mountain Bike VS Road Bike

When it comes to cycling, aside from the bike, the helmet is the most important piece of equipment for obvious reasons. Because of this, you want to ensure when you choose your helmet you are choosing one that is correct for the type of riding you will be doing. While many will think, “they are both … Read more ›

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How to Dress for Mountain Biking

One of the highlights of the summer is getting out on your mountain bike and ripping down fresh, loamy trails. Whether the sun is shining or the rain is falling, any day out on your two wheels is an all-time day with shred-tastic conditions. While style is more often something you associate with urban settings and … Read more ›

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SCOTT: The Cycling Experts

Founded in 1958, the birth of Scott Sports happened when Sun Valley resident Ed Scott invented the first ever tapered aluminum ski pole. This invention revolutionized the ski pole itself, replacing the standard steel or bamboo poles of the time. All in all, this invention was no surprise thanks to Ed’s engineering background and passion … Read more ›