While we aren’t made of sugar and venturing out in rain weather never hurt anybody, not everyone is as keen to play in the rain as the ducks at your local pond. For those who are, rain is merely an added twist to the adventure and a reliable raincoat with flexible weather protection is a simple solution.

With a wide collection of rain gear comes a variety of weatherproof technologies which are trusted by many outdoor adventurers and The North Face has added their Apex Flex GTX® jacket to that list. Although it was designed as a raincoat, the Apex Flex GTX® jacket is ideal to wear rain or shine thanks to its flexible features and design.

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The North Face Apex Flex GTX® Jacket

For the loyal explorers who choose not to retreat to shelter or cancel adventures at the sign of rain in the forecast, the Apex Flex GTX® jacket is the jacket for you. Taking rain gear to the next level, the Apex Flex GTX® jacket is a fully seam-taped shell that is designed with an active fit to optimize comfort, functionality and experiences.

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The Details

The Apex Flex GTX® is designed to provide weather protection on your most active outdoor pursuits. Constructed from two layers to provide undeniable comfort with a third layer of a GORE-TEX® membrane sandwiched between the two. The inner layer is made up of a soft knit interior which feels warm and soft next to the skin like your favourite hoodie, while the outer layer is made with a waterproof, breathable membrane to keep you protected from the rain.

Altogether, the Apex Flex GTX® jacket offers the ultimate weather protection. From the ultra-soft lining to the waterproof and breathable membrane, you can head for the mountains knowing that whichever way the weather goes, the Apex Flex GTX® jacket is flexible enough to wear rain or shine.

For added functionality, the jacket offers an active fit so that you can benefit from the waterproof protection without impeded movements whether you’re hiking to the summit or climbing the last pitch.

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The Collection

The Apex Flex GTX® jacket is available in a women’s model as well as a men’s model and there is even a men’s parka and a women’s trench, available for your wet-weather urban pursuits. Each model is sure to be your go-to raincoat for all of your outdoor adventures.

For a technical rain coat that provides reliable weather protection wherever your adventures take you, The North Face Apex Flex GTX Jacket has you covered.

Seek No Shelter Campaign

The North Face is celebrating 50 years of creating inventive products such as the Apex Flex GTX® Jacket and as a way to celebrate, they have launched the “Seek No Shelter” campaign. The campaigns is an ode to not only their 50 years, but to the outdoor elements which shape their innovative designs. The designs for The North Face products are largely focused on creating products that allow customers to ‘never stop exploring’ no matter what the weather is.

Rain is the element inspiration for the ‘Seek No Shelter’ campaign and as a creative way to celebrate, The North Face has collaborated with White Denim, which is and American Rock band from Austin, Texas, who have dedicated their song, “No Nee Ta Slode Aln,” to the launch of the Apex Flex GTX® jacket. This particular song debuted on Spotify in the US on March 13th, 2017th and using a geotargeting technology, only played for those located in cities where it was raining. Pretty cool huh?

The North Face’s rainy day playlist inspired by the ‘Seek No Shelter’ campaign can now be found on Spotify as ‘Seek No Shelter.’ Sit back, relax and watch the rain fall with The North Face before you head out into the elements in the Apex Flex GTX® jacket.