A warm and technical jacket : for the city and the leisures

The style of the Woolrich John Rich & Bros Military Parka leads us to believe that it is intended for the city and bought mainly for its trendy style, but the technical aspects shows us that it is much more versatile.

The Details

The Military Parka has been very well thought out as it is very versatile and adaptive. It’s as perfect for wearing on your daily commute to work as it is for going on long winter walks. This coat is conveniently adjustable at the waist and allows freedom at shoulder-level.

Down Insulation

The down insulation makes it possible to keep warm on the icy days of Quebec while at the same time, unlike many winter coats, it still gives a slender look.

Fur Trim

The fur is not limited to the cap, it goes down alongside the zipper, providing exceptional warmth and added insulation. One of the aspects that I appreciate the most on this coat is the metallic rod hidden in the outline of the hood, making the fur malleable. It can be turned to the outside of the hood to give a beautiful look or to return inwards to keep you warm.

Cozy Yet Stylish

Down coats usually give a more round appearance than what we are, but this coat is succeeds in keeping me warm while still portraying a classy and stylish look.

Adjustable Waist

The elastic at the waist allows the waist to be adjustment creating a more figure-hugging look. For those who, like me, do not use the elastics at the waist, you will be delighted that even loosened to the maximum, it does not appear at all.


The hand pockets are not insulated. I would have liked to have doubled pockets to keep my hands warm when it’s very cold, but at the same time, I appreciate the fact that the pockets are not too bulky.

Materials Used

The GORE-TEX membrane is the thing that surprised me the most. It’s generally common to see this waterproof and breathable membrane integrated in technical coats developed for performance in different sports apparel so it was a wonderful discovery.

To my great satisfaction, the GORE-TEX kept me dry during my long walks. This is the first coat that I have worn that keeps me warm while also wicking away the moisture produced by my body when I’m active.

The only negative aspect of this jacket is that it takes a lot of space. For journeys where space and weight must be minimized, it is not advisable since the fur is permanent and with all these technical components the jacket is not as light as a down jacket without waterproof shell or fur.