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Battle of the Brands: The North Face vs Arc’teryx

In both the fashion and adventure worlds, The North Face is a veritable icon. With a history spanning some 55 years, the brand has become an international phenomenon. Their apparel is as popular in the boardrooms of Silicon Valley as on remote Himalayan summits. Today, we’re going to see how this veteran company stacks up against one of its most respected contemporaries, the forward-thinking Arc’teryx.The North Face brand overviewArc’teryx brand overviewThe North Face vs Arc’teryx brand comparisonVerdict: and the best brand is… The North Face Overview A Brief HistoryThe North Face was founded by husband-and-wife duo Douglas and Susie Tompkins in 1964. It

Battle of the Brands: Fjällräven VS Arc’teryx

Choosing the right brand for your outdoor adventures can be daunting. With so many great options on the market, it’s easy to succumb to paralysis by analysis. To make things a little easier, we decided to explore two of the most celebrated companies in the outdoor gear scene: Fjällräven and Arc’teryx. In this Battle of the Brands, we look at these heavy hitters, both notorious for producing some of the most cutting-edge, stylish clothing, accessories, and equipment around. By the end of this article you’ll feel confident about which brand is best for you. Fjällräven Overview A Brief History Fjällräven

Battle of the Brands: Helly Hansen VS Arc’teryx

Today we’ve got the battle of modern versus heritage. Helly Hansen, the seasoned outdoor industry veteran, had its start back in 1877. Arc’teryx, despite its prehistoric name, dates back to the late 1980s. In other words, Helly Hansen walked so Arc’teryx could run. Both are heavy hitters in the outdoor apparel industry, and today they’re facing off. We’ll be looking at the history of these two brands before highlighting a few of their standout pieces. Then we’ll be taking a deep dive into metrics like durability, performance, price, and style. Helly Hansen Overview A Brief History There aren’t many brands

Battle of the Brands: Canada Goose vs. Arc’teryx

In the premium outdoor gear scene, perhaps no two brands are as celebrated as Arc'teryx and Canada Goose. In many ways, each of them shares a common history: Both were born in Canada; both have risen to international acclaim; both straddle the frontier of style and performance. Similarities aside, what differentiates one brand from the other? Which brand promises greater value? And, most importantly, which brand should be your next wardrobe staple? In this Battle of the Brands, we take an in-depth look to help you decide which is right for you. Canada Goose Overview A Brief History An Icon

Battle of the Brands: Rab vs Arc’teryx

Rab brand overviewArc’teryx brand overviewRab vs Arc’teryx brand comparisonVerdict: and the best brand is… Rab Overview A Brief HistoryIn 1973, in the midst of a dock worker strike, Rab Carrington found himself stranded in Buenos Aires. He was an avid climber and mountaineer, travelling south, destined for the devilish peaks of Patagonia. But now, suddenly, he had neither the luggage nor the money to go on. Luckily, Argentine-native and close friend Hector Vieytes hooked Carrington up with a job in his textile factory. It was here that Carrington learned the fundamental sewing techniques that, nearly a decade later, would lead to the birth of

Battle of the Brands: Patagonia VS Arc’teryx

Like politics, people feel a strong sense of loyalty towards their favourite brands. This is perhaps no truer than among the outdoor community. For you, a brand is about much more than fashion—it’s a philosophy. And, unlike politics, a brand’s commitment to sustainability, fairness, performance, and quality actually mean something.In this article, we find out how Patagonia stacks up against Arc’teryx. After touching on their respective histories, sustainable practices, and social responsibility, we’ll review one of their flagship products. We’ll also evaluate each product across five metrics: durability, performance, style, price, and corporate responsibility.Let's dive in!Patagonia brand overviewArc'teryx brand overviewPatagonia

Battle of the Brands: Norrøna vs Arc’teryx

Many outdoor apparel brands make big claims about quality and even bigger claims about performance. But of these brands, how many of them really deliver? Today, we look at two major companies that have withstood the test of time while continuing to outshine the competition in both quality and performance.We’ve pitted our beloved Canadian brand Arc’teryx against the legendary Norwegian brand Norrøna. In this article, we’ll touch on their history, social responsibility, sustainability, and flagship products to see how both brands have come to earn their reputation.Let’s begin!Norrøna brand overviewArc'teryx brand overviewNorrøna vs Arc'teryx brand comparison (durability, performance, price, style

Best Alternative to Arcteryx Rain Jackets

Choosing the right rain jacket can be an overwhelming and time-consuming endeavour. Between all the brands and models, specs and jargon, many people quickly succumb to paralysis by analysis. Often, this creates a situation where exasperated buyers are willing to overpay for a brand they know will deliver, like Arc’teryx. But quality isn’t always reflected in price. To prove this, we’ve rounded up three rain jackets that give Arc’teryx options a serious run for the money. We’ve compared these models across five key metrics, including weatherproofing, breathability, weight, packability, and price. On the roster today, we’ve got the: Black Diamond

Arc’teryx Alpha vs Beta Jackets – Full Comparison Guide

For its sheer robustness, weather-resistance, and durability, the Alpha series takes the crown, specifically the SV. That said, the Beta line offers more versatile and lightweight options, making it a better alternative for those seeking a general purpose jacket at a lower price point. In this case, the Beta AR really shines.Alpha overviewBeta overviewAlpha VS Beta comparisonThe verdictWhat’s in a Name?Arc’teryx uses a brilliant naming scheme to functionally identify many of its products. It’s a practice that allows buyers to quickly determine the precise utility of any model in their pantheon of outerwear. The SV product modifier stands for SeVere Weather. It’s

The Best Alternatives to the Arc’teryx Cerium LT Hoody

Winter is coming, and it’s time to prepare your wardrobe. In this article, we review the venerated Arc’teryx Cerium LT Hoody alongside five of its most outstanding alternatives. Discover how well each of these softshells fare across three key metrics: build, performance, and price. On the menu today, we’ve got the: Alternative 1: Mammut - Eigerjoch Advanced IN Hooded Jacket Alternative 2: Rab - Microlight Alpine Jacket Alternative 3: Mountain Hardwear - Ghost Whisperer/2 Hoody Alternative 4: Norrøna - Falketind Down 750 Hood Alternative 5: Peak Performance - Helium Hood Jacket Although all of these can be used as a

The Ultimate Guide to GORE-TEX

In the world of outdoor and sports gear, where unpredictable weather can be your toughest adversary, one technology has consistently risen to the challenge—GORE-TEX. Renowned for its unwavering reliability and exceptional waterproofing capabilities, GORE-TEX fabrics are a beacon of innovation in the realm of waterproof-breathable membranes.But what makes the GORE-TEX brand frontrunner in its industry? To understand its advantages and applications, we decided to dive deep. Read on to discover the unparalleled engineering and use cases that have turned GORE-TEX into a household name. A Brief History of GORE-TEX GORE-TEX has a rich history dating all the way back to

Best Rain Jackets & Waterproof Hardshells of 2023

You know what they say: When it rains, it pours. It’s true in love and it’s even truer on the trail. A good waterproof jacket is not only essential for keeping you comfortable and dry, but is the best defence against hypothermia. In this article, we provide the low-down on this year’s best rain shells based on their level of weather-resistance, packability, breathability, and price. For its outstanding success in all these categories, the Patagonia Torrentshell 3L Jacket is our pick for best waterproof jacket. Besides its lightweight and stylish design, waterproof face fabric, and breathability, the Torrentshell shines for

Fleece, Down, or Merino Wool: The Best Mid Layers Reviewed

It's always best to know how to layer for outdoor activities. Having an idea of the weather and the demands of the activities you'll be doing will make choosing those layers simple. But mid layers—like fleece vs. down vs. merino wool—aren't just for the mountains. You can wear them all fall and winter long. While a base layer is the root of a good layering system, choosing the best mid-layer is just as important. High-output activities that make you sweat need moisture-wicking components from all layers, not just the base. If your mid layer can’t breathe, there’s no point. ShoeChaussureBagSacTentTente Editor's

What is Techwear: Apparel of the Future

Brands like The North Face and Patagonia have been making high-quality technical wear for years. You know that old, dorky-looking jacket that your dad wears to go hiking? The one with all those extra pockets made from something called GORE-TEX ? That's just the predecessor to the high-end gear you see on the streets today. But urban techwear is much more than a cool, updated version of your dad’s jacket. AestheticFrom head to toe, it’s an aesthetic that prioritizes functionality, through the use of ultra-durable weatherproof fabrics and features. It pairs sleek, seamless designs with a utilitarian approach and functionality. Its

Most Popular Winter Boots for Big & Little Kids in 2020

Winter is coming and we have to start thinking about the equipment we need to get for our little ones. One of the most important parts of a winter outfit is the boots. They need to be able to keep their feet dry and warm when the snow starts to fall. They have to be solid and durable to play outside, waterproof to resist puddles, good for the city, and easy enough to put on and remove. Knowing what to look for in a good winter boot is key, and once you've done that, you can check out our most